Nuit-lumière [Night-Light] (1995)
by Paulo C. Chagas

Nuit-lumière [Night-Light] (1995) 15:00”

for ensemble (13 players) and live-electronics
programming and electronic music: Jean-Marc Sullon
commissioned by the Ensemble Musique Nouvelle and Festival Ars Musica, Belgium
FP: March 6, 1995, Brussels, Belgium, Festival Ars Musica, Botanique; Ensemble Musique Nouvelle conducted by Patrick Davin; Paulo C. Chagas and Jean-Marc Sullon, sound projection
Instruments: oboe (cor anglais), clarinet in Bb (bass clarinet), horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion (1 or 2 players), harp, master-keyboard, 2 violins, viola, cello; electronics: computer (Macintosh), software (Max/MSP), synthesizer (Microwave), master-keyboard

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