Musicacoustica—Beijing 2018
by Paulo C. Chagas

Paulo C. Chagas at Muscicacoustica–Beijing 2018


Monday, October 22

10:00-11:50 (Room 201, Multifunctional Building, CCoM)

Lecture Series (1) – Speaker: Paulo C. Chagas (Brazil/USA)


Audiovisual and Multimedia Composition


Tuesday, October 23

19:30-20:30 (Recital Hall, CCoM)

Concert Series (3): Metal East-Journey: A Concert of Percussion and Electroacoustic Music featuring Thierry Miroglio


Sysiphus of the Ear – for percussion, video and electronics (15’00’’/2016 / China Premiere)


Composer: Paulo C. CHAGAS (Brazil/USA)

Movie: Johannes BIRRINGER (Germany)


Link: Musicacoustica—Beijing 2018

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